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Brambling Scientific name :- Fringilla montifringilla

SIZE: 14 - 15 CM (5½ - 5¾ in)

HABITAT: Woodland,particularly beech.

IDENTIFYING FEATURES: Distinctive orange and black plumage, more subtle in winter.


WHAT THEY EAT:- Seeds in winter; insects in summer.

laying starts second half of May in the South, June -July in Scotland. The nest site is located high in the tree, often against the trunk of a conifer or in a fork of deciduous tree. Nest is similar to that of a Chaffinch but larger and more loosely built. Outer structure of moss, lichen, grass, heather, strips or juniper bark, and cobwebs, lined with feathers, moss, plant down, soft grass, hair, fur, and sometimes paper, string. 4 - 7 eggs are laid with an incubation period of 11-12 days, this is done by the female only, the chicks will fledge after 13 14 days.

Look to areas of mature beech woodland, foraging on the ground among leaf litter. Bramblings can be suprisingly unobtrusive, so let their distinctive calls alert you. in winter it is also worth checking through chaffinch flocks, because you stand a chance of picking out the occasional brambling amongst them.